Organic Spicy Polish

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Organically Spicy

An organic polish sausage packed with whole chopped garlic and accented with red pepper flakes and cayenne to give it some spice. If you want heat in your Polish sausage, look no further. An all natural, antibiotic and hormone free sausage with a kick. Certified organic and certified delicious.


Organically Spicy

You want heat. You want all natural ingredients. You want a traditional Polish sausage texture and taste. Look no further because the Charcutnuvo Organic Spicy Polish sausage is here for you. A delicious sausage made with the most quality ingredients.

A gluten free, sugar free, and milk free sausage you will find traditional Polish sausage flavor with only natural ingredients. No nitrates, no nitrites, andantibiotic and hormone free, this polish sausage is available in a 10oz four pack ready for dinner tonight. The organic pork and grass-fed beef is coarsely ground and the chopped garlic gives it the familiar Polish sausage taste and feel. The red pepper flakes and cayenne makes it stand out with its kick of spice and unconventional twist.

A versatile organic Polish sausage, you can prepare it in a cast iron skillet with peppers and onions or toast a bun and serve it for a hand held meal. However you choose to cook up this organic sausage, you will know you are eating only natural ingredients and organic meat. After tasting the healthy goodness with the spicy bonus, you won’t try another Polish sausage. You will find this to be organically spicy while traditionally Polish.

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 1.25 in
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