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6 x 10oz packs. This set includes:

Organic Breakfast Links: A sumptuous morning treat, Our pork breakfast links are our crowd favorite.  A wonderful combination of super lean pork with sage and a hint of pepper.

Organic Hot Links:  HOT, lean and clean, Grass-Fed  The habanero in this super lean 100% all beef sausage will leave an impression. The right choice when you want the heat.

Organic Beef Polish: Coarse, but not chunky, this product has strong flavor up front and garlic undertones at the back end…a perfect balance.

Organic Tree Hugger Beer Brat: Our new beer brat, made with Asher Brewing Organic Tree Hugger Beer, Colorado’s 1st all organic Brewery.   Our all pork product that contains 17% Asher Brewing Organic Tree Hugger Beer. The beer is added directly to the coarse ground pork and spices, allowing the flavor to permeate the whole brat.

Organic Chicken Apple:  The organic chicken gives this Organic Chicken Apple sausage from Charcutnuvo its healthy and delicious meat. Without adding any sugar, Tthe organic apples give it the sweet kick that sets it apart from other chicken sausages. It is a lean, protein-rich sausage that you can feel good about serving. From it’s organicall natural ingredients to its sweet and savory blend, this nitrate free, hormone free chicken sausage is your new sweet treat. Being casing-free creates a 100% pork free sausage that fits any dietary needs.

Organic Smoked Brat: A smoked blend of beef, pork and spices.

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